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Meet Our Expert Team:


At Rashtriya Electrical and Engineering Corporation, our success is a testament to the collective expertise and dedication of our diverse team. Each member plays a crucial role in our journey towards excellence, contributing their unique skills to ensure that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.


Our Team Includes:



Our team of highly skilled engineers brings innovation and technical prowess to every project, driving the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of electrical manufacturing.


Fabricators and Designers:

Talented fabricators and designers collaborate to turn concepts into reality, crafting products that seamlessly blend functionality with engineering excellence.


Quality Control Analysts:

Our meticulous quality control analysts operate in our state-of-the-art testing facilities, conducting rigorous checks at every stage of manufacturing to guarantee products of the highest standard.



Dedicated technicians ensure the smooth operation of our manufacturing processes, combining technical expertise with hands-on experience to deliver top-notch results.


Sales and Marketing Managers:

Our dynamic sales and marketing managers are committed to understanding your needs and ensuring that our solutions align seamlessly with your requirements.


Warehouse Managers:

Efficient warehouse management is essential for timely deliveries. Our warehouse managers ensure that our products are stored, organized, and dispatched with precision.


Skilled and Unskilled Workmen:

The backbone of our operations, our skilled and unskilled workmen contribute to the physical realization of our products. Their dedication and hard work are integral to our success.


Collective Success Through Dedication:

It is the combined efforts of our engineers, fabricators, quality control analysts, technicians, sales and marketing managers, warehouse managers, and skilled and unskilled workmen that have propelled Rashtriya Electrical and Engineering Corporation to its current heights. Owing to their dedicated efforts, we have successfully met and exceeded our clients' expectations.


Join Us in Powering the Future:

Discover the faces behind Rashtriya Electrical and Engineering Corporation—dedicated professionals from various disciplines working together to illuminate the path to a connected and electrified future. Meet our team, and witness the collaborative effort that defines our legacy. Your success is the result of our collective commitment.